Today's typical penetration of renewable sources, as PVs and Wind, in multi-MWs Hybrid Grids, is kept low because of wide-span, not-controllable variations, characterizing the local availability of both solar and wind power, and turning out into grid stability issues.

  • CVA Sole S.r.l. - RAL - Alessandria Sud 7,3 MWp

    The solar park south of Alessandria in the North-Western part of Italy, takes over an area of less than 14 hectares (around 34 acres), yet, with the efficient technical solutions applied, it can reach the nominal power of around 7.3 MWp, further divided into 7 sections.

  • RSM - Spigno Monferrato 0,99 MWp

    The solar farm in Spigno Monferrato is an admirable exemplary of solar park construction. Thanks to the special structure of the module-support, it is possible to continue utilising the field for agricultural purposes and produce forage as well as energy.

  • Serra Aulara 500 kWp

    Anno 2010 Comune: Alessandria Provincia: AL Committente: FIGI s.s.. Tipo: serra Superficie: 0.75 ha Potenza Nominale: 0.5 MWp Producibilità annua: 0.61 GWh/anno

  • RES - Alessandria EST 5,9 MWp

    Municipality of Alessandria, will be hosting the manufactoring facility on a farm land. It is indened to produce about 7,7 GWh of electrical energy per year, equivalents to the electricity consumed annually by 2180 four-members families.

  • RCA - Castellazzo Bormida 1,5 MWp

    The project has been realized in collaboration with the Spanish company Labor Solis. This company is specialized in development and engineering for photovoltaic plants all over the world. The photovoltaic plant have been built over and grid-connected in Castellazzo Bormida just in 2 months.

  • ROV - Oviglio 3,3 MWp

    The new photovoltaic power plant at Oviglio – in del Rotto road, Municipality of Oviglio (AL) is currently being constructed on an area covering no more than 6,9 hectares. With our technical solution this area results enough for a 3,2 MWp power plant, divided into three sections, each of a little bit more than 1,1 MWp.

  • Retorto 0,99 MWp

    Ready-to-use photovoltaic plant realized in behalf of Retorto Società Agricola s.a.s., in the Municipality of Predosa, in Retorto

  • RSM - Biella 492 kWp

    This 492 KWp photovoltaic power plant has been installed on the roof of a farm building of a textile society in Municipality of Biella (BI)

  • Eolico Erchie - 30 MW

    Now Renergetica is involved in a wind farm project in Erchie (BR). The aim of the project is to generate 30 MW of wind generation with 15 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 2 MW. The wind farm will be connected to the high-voltage transmission grid.

  • CVA Sole S.r.l. - RVA - Valenza 4,9 MWp

    The site of the photovoltaic power station in Valenza was previously used as a quarry, and being classified as an area to be redefined allows the park an increase of 5% in the incentive rate (as by the 14 article of the IV "Conto Energia" energy regulation).

  • Halchiu 4,99 MWp – Romania

    The plant localized in the municipality of Halchiu, Romania, occupies a surface of about 10 ha for a total power of 4,99 MWp, and it has been connected to the romanian electrical grid on June 2014

Projects development, plants design, engineering solutions and investment

In Renergetica we believe that energetic and environmental issue can be faced together thanks to investments in technologies which exploits renewable energies sources aiming to an energetic self-government which respects the environment.

Renergetica works in the renewable energies field as a system integrator as well as direct investor in our own plants.

Renergetica has the purpose continuing to invest in green economy in Italy and abroad, exporting its own business model in those countries which support renewable energies development.  

Projects development, plants design, engineering solutions and investment.